« We like the speed of bagging and the low maintenance costs. What cost the most is the maintenance of the Honda engine! »
Robert Daigneault/Ferme L’Or Blanc Inc., Ste-Brigitte d’Iberville, QC
Owner of a SilaTube P-6200 since 1993.

« It works pretty well and fast. One thing we like about tubing bales is our hay is not lost by the rain. We can bale at higher moisture content. Not perfect silage, but makes good hay. We like the speed that we can wrap bales at, good quick system. Before, we had a hay wrapper on a tractor 3pt hitch, but it was taking too long. We tried an in-line wrapping machine but it’s difficult to seal the ends, so you end up losing a little bit on both ends. With the bag, you just need to tie the ends up and it’s very well sealed. »
Steve Kling/Dairy Farmer, Taylor, WI
Owner of a P-6302 since 2003