Self-loading bale wagons

« We decided to purchase the Pronovost P-7800 self-loading bale wagon because it meets the provincial road regulation. There is no need to attach the bales and the trailer has a big capacity. This wagon really picks up and unloads the bales very fast. The large majority of the bales we move being chopped, they’re more fragile. Yet, they’re not getting damaged when picked up. It is also very easy to adjust the pick up arm to the length of the bales.
Dry hay or silage bales, it makes no difference. The operation is smooth regardless.Thanks to this wagon, we saved a lot of time this summer. Only one operator and one tractor required. The wagon runs smoothly on the road and can go to maximum speed of the tractor without any problem. These are all good reasons why we feel like we made a good investment when we decided to purchase this unit. Once you get used to working with this wagon, you just can’t do without. »
Ferme Yves Morneau inc., Yves Morneau, owner of a P-7800 Self-Loading Bale Wagon.

« It worked great for me, I had no problem with it, was real good. Without an automatic pick up, I would have needed another machine and labour, so it saves a lot. I could move bales really quickly and safely on the road. Time saving, labour saving. For me, it was a good machine. »
Ralph Peirick/T & R Dairy Farm, Watertown, WI
Owner of a P-6812 for more than six years