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2022 Winning Company in the "Investment" category at "Gala reconnaissance Desjardins 2022".
See the award presentation.

2016 Winning Company in the "Sustainable development" category at "Gala reconnaissance Desjardins 2016". 
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2016 Les Grands PRIX Santé et sécurité du travail. Lauréat national 2016 - Catégorie innovation.
Small and medium-sized enterprises. Watch the video presentation.

2012 Winning Company in the "Manufacturing company" category at "Gala reconnaissance Desjardins 2012".
The company stands out from the competition through the excellent quality of its products and its
outstanding customer service. Machineries Pronovost is currently completing a major modernization plan,
with the purchase of a laser cutting system with automatic feed. This investment will allow the company
to increase the production capacity. See the award presentation.


Founded in 1969, Machineries Pronovost started its activities repairing agricultural machines. A 1300 square foot shop facing the family farm met the demand. Over the years, the highly creative spirit of the team enabled the company to develop a considerable line of innovative products and become a Canadian leader in the conception and fabrication of snow blowers and agricultural machinery.

The numerous patents acquired over the years, testify to the sense of innovation at Machineries Pronovost and our commitment to research and development continues to fuel our growth. Renowned for the exceptional performance of our snow blowers, we continue to push the limits with our innovative machines such as the PXPL-XPRO or our inverted machines.

Looking at our 3 way tilting trailers, the SilaTube or our auto loading bale trailers will prove that our long-standing history with agricultural machinery remains intact. Year-end 2011 saw the purchase of Agland Macerators, now manufactured here at our factory in St. Tite, allowing us to pursue the development of our hay processing equipment line.

Machineries Pronovost produces over 2000 machines per year by its proud, qualified and devoted staff, all on the same farmland in St. Tite, and still facing the ancestral family farm. The factory floor now has a footprint of over 30 000 square feet , is filled with state of the art equipment but still retains the creative spirit which has allowed Machineries Pronovost to solidify its excellent world wide reputation.

Our engagement

  • INTEGRITY: Our equipment should generate added value to the end user by improving his efficiency and work quality while minimizing losses, waste and secondary ill effects (soil compaction and bale integrity).
  • SIMPLICITY: Our equipment should be safe, simple to operate and easy to maintain.
  • VERSATILITY: Our equipment should perform in all types of conditions and terrain (dry hay/Silatube, wet or light snow).
  • STABILITY: Our equipment should meet all criteria in a consistent manner over a long period of time, thereby generating a return on the investment and growth.

Patents and Milestones : Winter Products

1969 1st Snowblower SEE

1991  1st Inverted Snowblower

1998 1st PXPL Snowblower with X-PRO Blade
- Patent obtained in 2000  SEE

1998 Patent on Snowblower Skid Shoe  SEE

1999 Mention of distinction at Concours Innovation of Salon de l'agriculture of Saint-Hyacinthe
for the X-PRO Blade

1999 1st Industrial Snowblower

2001 1st Motorized Snowblower

2006 New chute rotation kit activated by hydraulic cylinder
- Patent obtained in 2015  SEE

2008 1st PGV Large Auger Snowblower

2009 1st Front 3 Point Hitch System
- Patent obtained in 2010  SEE

2010 1st Inverted Snowblower with advanced gravity center
- Patent obtained in 2013  SEE

Patents and Milestones : Summer products

1992 1st Autoload Round Bales Handler

1993  1st SilaTube for Round Bales  SEE
- Patent obtained in 1995  SEE

1996 Recipient 1996 of the Gold Medal of the Salon international de la Machinerie Agricole
for the Double Autoload Round Bales Handler  SEE

1999 Citation at SIMA agricultural innovation of Paris for SilaTube Tuber

2002 1st SilaTube for square bales

2006 1st Autoload Square Bales Handler
- Mention of participation at Concours Innovation of Salon de l'agriculture of Saint-Hyacinthe
   for Autoload Square Bales Handler
- «US patent» obtained in 2008  SEE
- Patent obtained in 2012  SEE

2011 Vesting of Agland Macerator

2011 Vesting of Agland Matador
- Patent on Matador  SEE