Pronovost Snowblowers

"The staff at Pronovost is very easy to work with and produce sturdy snowblowers at a very reasonable price. They are very responsive to our needs and continue to improve their products to exceed our expectations. Pronovost designs, builds and sells the higest value snowblower attachments available.  Pronovost snowblowers continue to be the #1 choice of snow removal professionals in Lake Tahoe region."  
Darin R Smith, Alpine Smith, Inc.  Lake Tahoe

" My father and I like to work with our Farmall 45 CVT and our P-720 Snowblower from Pronovost. It is a lot more fun to work this way ! "
Kevin and Alain Côté, Upton, Qc
Owners of a Hardy Front 3 points Hitch and a P-720 Snowblower.

" As a snow removal professional for the last 30 years, I have run pretty much all the different snowblower brands. But since I tried my first Pronovost P-1040 back in 2002, I've never considered switching back again as the difference stood out right away. The Pronovost snowblowers run so smooth, you don't hear them. Last year, I tried a new brand that is claiming to be the new standard in snowblower. Well, I have to say that it was fine in hard snow but it just didn't work in wet snow. I'll stick with my Pronovost. "
Rosaire Roy/Edmunston, Nouveau-Brunswick

" My P-620 was hit by a 115-year old falling pine a few years ago. Part of it landed on the chute cranking mechanism and bent the metal, and made the surface of the chute not level all around. The chute would not turn. I used some shims to make it level all around and fixed some small problems and the unit works now. What is amazing is that, with all the damage, none of the welds in the area of the chute or the fish-mouth above the impellers were broken. So it appears that you have some very skilled welders working with Pronovost ! "
Norman Blake, West Baldwin, Maine