Product news

Every year, we come back on the completed season and proceed to a summary of comments submitted along the way by end users. Whether through exhibitions, dealers open house days, demos or the survey "Pronovost wants to know", the user experience is essential to our process of innovation and continuous improvement. Please let us know should you have any suggestions or comments.

News 2023

  • Cyclone C9228 new design.
  • Puma-84 to Puma-96 with 3 point hitch ISO Cat.2.
  • 500 HP reducer option for PGV-120137 to PGV-1202TRC.
  • Higher 3 point hitch option for Cyclone C8026.
  • 1000/540 reducer option for Puma-84 to Puma-96.

News 2022

  • New model C7224 in the Cyclone series.
  • Hydraulic flotation ski option for snowblower, to compact the first layer of snow.
  • Rear mount scraper blade option on Puma inverted series.
  • PC3C-GR1 chute option on Group I snowblowers.
  • Standard sealed guard on P-82126-HP.
  • Ice scraper blade option on the Pronovost series Groups I, II, III.
  • Hose kit on sand and salt spreaders.

News 2021

  • Reintroduction of the model Lynx-74.
  • New model Puma-76 in replacement of Puma-74.
  • New models in Pronovost Open Flight Series : P-82126(TRC)-GV and P-92130(TRC)-GV.
  • Withdrawal of the IV Series in the Pronovost Inverted Snowblowers Category.
  • Kit of working lights PKL-IND and PKL-INDR available in option for telescopic chutes.
  • Kit of lateral frame protector, in Tivar PL-IND.

News 2020

  • New chute with 3 hinged deflectors (PC3C-GR1.5) standard on model P-82126-HP.
  • Chute with 2 hinged deflectors (CPUSI-7480 and CPUSI-8496) standard on Puma and Puma Inverted series.
  • New model into Pronovost series, Group I : P-620-52TC for JD TerrainCut.
  • New models 98" dual auger into Pronovost series, Group II : P-922-98 and P-922TRC-98.
  • New large diameter open flight agressive auger sidewalk snowblower model : P-54126-GV.
  • Hose kits with sleeves and couplers ready-to-install now available as an option on all our models.
  • Auger shear bolt capacity increased on Group GV.
  • Frame side skid shoe made of UHMW reinforced and reversible on Cyclone series.
  • Frame side skid shoe also available in Tivar and reversible on Cyclone series.
  • UHMW blade option now reinforced on model C8026.
  • Tivar blade option now available on Cylone series.
  • Higher capacity PTO available on demand on industrial series.

News Pronovost 2019

  • New high-performance snowblowers for the Gr I (45 to 65 hp), P-82126(TRC)-HP replacing the P-720-8028.
  • New chute more robust on Gr I.
  • Chute with double greaseable hinges CPUSI-4872 for PUMA-48-54-64-72.
  • Non-inverting PTO dropbox option on the Gr I snowblowers.
  • Rubber deflector above the auger in option for Gr I, Gr II and Gr III.
  • P-INV-74 and 80: Addition of standard skid shoes.
  • Improved operating speed on X-PRO blade.
  • P-98134(TRC)-GV Back to conventional chain idler.
  • New 108" PGS model (PGS-1080TRC) and addition of rubber deflector above the auger in this category.
  • New industrial large ribbon snowblower (PGV-120137TRC).
  • Addition of a storage support on the Sand & salt spreader.
  • Chute PSIG-7486 now with adjustable stoppers for greater rotation angle.
  • Hose kits with sleeves and couplers ready-to-install now available on demand for all our models.

News Cyclone 2019

  • Addition of proximity indicators on the snowblower and on the wings.
  • Stationary door option available (available when there’s no hydraulic doors).
  • Button kit and wire harness for diverter operation (included in hose kits with diverter).
  • Improved access to shear bolt and key for the bolt alignment included.
  • C8026 with semi-waterproof guards to protect the chain and conventional chain idler.
  • Color option available in pre-season order (including Pronovost red).
  • C9228: addition of rubber pads on the auger rotor to increase performance (patent pending).
  • Chute now with adjustable stopper for greater rotation angle.

  • News 2018

    • Introduction of the Cyclone series in the inverted snowblowers group.
    • Flexible idler for "GV" models.
    • Reintroduction of the Puma-74 in the Puma series.
    • Option of hot dip galvanized frame available on some models.
    • For sand and salt spreaders,adjustment of the hydraulic motor cylinders in proportion to the tractors covered for each category.

    News 2017

    • The Puma-64 and Puma-72 drum diameter increased to 24".
    • The Puma-74 model was replaced by the Puma-80. His width is now 80" and the drum diameter increased to 26".
    • New model P-720TRC-8028 with a 28" diameter impeller and a 22" diameter auger added to the Pronovost Group I series.
    • New diameter for the auger on model P-720-8028, going from 19" to 22", in the Pronovost Group I series.
    • Models P-740 and P-800TRC removed from Pronovost Group II series.
    • Introduction of new large diameter open flight auger models to the Professionals category : the P-98134-GV and P-98134TRC-GV models.
    • Introduction of a set of electric directionnal control valves for industrial and semi-industrial snowblowers.
      Allows to controls up to 5 functions from a single one.
    • New diameters for the augers on models PXPL-86(92), going from 16 1/2" to 20" and on models PXPL-92(98), going from 19 1/2" to 23".
    • Stationary 3 point hitch for sand and salt spreaders.

    News 2016

    • New models Puma-64-IV and Puma-72-IV on Puma Inverted series.
    • Improved skid shoes on Puma and Lynx series.
    • Unidirectional restrictors now included with motors MLH-250-R and MLH-315-R in order to reduce speed and reduce the impacts which could cause dislodgement of the seal head.
    • Optional rear mount scraper blade on inverted snowblowers now black instead of the same color as snowblower.
    • Chute rotation kit for electric motor for Puma-48 to Puma-72 and Lynx.
    • Electric actuator for chute deflector for Puma-48 to Puma-72 and Lynx.

    Pumaiv    Pumaiv
      Puma-64-IV                 Puma-72-IV

    News 2015

    • Two inverted models added to the Puma series (Puma-74-IV and Puma-80-IV) for compact tractors between 35 and 60 HP PTO.
    • New models P-1080 and P-1080-TRC in Group III Pronovost snowblowers series.
    • New hose support on whole Pronovost range.
    • Snowblower PXPL-80 with X-PRO blade developed for compact tractors between 40 and 60 HP PTO.

    Pxpl 80   Pumaiv    Pumaiv
        PXPL-80                       Puma-74-IV                   Puma-80-IV

    News 2014

    • Snowblowers Group 2 and 3 available with impeller housing contour made of Hardox 450 (has to be ordered during pre-season order or before manufacturing)
    • Model P-720-8028 (Group 1 snowblower with 28" diameter drum)
    • Sidewalk snowblower PGS-740-54
    • Configuration of the blade support on the Group 2 snowblowers same as Groupe 3
    • Easier access to shear bolt on Puma snowblowers
    • Chute rotation stopper adjustable on all inverted models
    • P-INV-92 improved to meet most comments of last year from our dealers and operators :
      • Possibility of 3" shorter adjustment on 3 point
      • Pillow block bearing in the impeller (on the back of the drum) in ductile iron and repositioned for a better resistance
      • Improved anti-projection guard
      • New improved skid shoe lock
      • Adjustable chute rotation stopper
      • Some more improvements…
    • All Hardy products now accounted for in the quantity discount calculation (Lynx Snowblowers, Hardy Snowblowers, Hardy Front 3 point hitch, sand and salt spreader)

    News 2013 

    • 120" Snowblower PGV-1202TRC
    • Inverted Snowblower P-INV-92

    News 2012

    • Snowblower PUMA-96
    • Snowblowers PGS-740 and PGS-800
    • Sidewalk snowblower P-542
    • Storage tube for operator's manual on Pronovost range
    • Standardisation of the 3 point attachment width below 34 1/2" c/c on Gr. III Snowblowers
    • Addition of easier hydraulic adaptation on certain models

    News 2011

    • Motorizd snowblower P-922-98-93M (93HP)
    • Snowblowers P-922 and P-922TRC
    • Hydraulic motors shafts are more resistant to corrosion
    • Reduction system on drum rotation: Snowblowers P-982TRC-150, P-1022TRC-200 and PGV
    • P-INV-80 inverted snowblower positionned close to the tractor
    • Telescopic chute as an option for Group II
    • 1000/540 RPM drop box with choice of input shafts, either to reduce the speed or to reduce and reverse

    News 2010

    • PUMA product line redisigned
    • P-INV-74 inverted snowblower positionned close to the tractor
    • Rocktec industrial skid shoes  (less agressive than carbide but longer life than high carbon 450)
    • Reducer 3 gears 220 HP PHR-30M
    • New PSIG chute with neater stream with door removed
    • Industrial chute with round deflector especially for truck loading
    • 3 wear holes for the auger shear bolt on Pronovost and industrials
    • Shear bolt more accessible on the Pronovost product line

    News 2009

    • Industrial snowblower PGV-1022TRC-220
    • Oil cooler for speed reducer on tractors 250 HP and over
    • New designed features on the PUMA-72 snowblower
    • Spped accelerator for Group I snowblowers and some PUMA models (up to 45 HP)
    • Semi-industrial snowblower 102" width, with open flight auger and oil bath

    News 2008

    • Industrial snowblower PGV-1021TRC-150
    • Snowblowers P-1020 and P-1020TRC in Group II
    • Storage support on PUMA snowblower
    • Unidirectional restrictors optional for cylinders and hydraulic motors

    News 2007

    • TIVAR scraper blade offered on Groupe I
    • PTO #6 optional on P-720(TRC), P-720-74, P-720-80
    • Industrial skid shoes with carbide inserts
    • New category of PTO : multilobe
    • Impeller diameter 28" on inverted snowblowers
    • Hydraulic wheels for snowblowers

    News 2006

    • Snowblower P-98134 in Group II