Cyclone Snowblowers

"All I can say is “impressive”. I've used a wide range of pull type snow blowers, and by far the Cyclone Blower unit blows the socks off the competition. The clear sight lines allow you to get within 6" of the garage door. The way it processes snow allows me to stop as soon as I hit the curb and back in for the second pull…without leaving snow in the road! It easily over shoots the sidewalk with a concentrated stream without the powdering residual from the bottom of the chute. In wet snow, I had no issues with plugging. The wing setup works well. Two passes on a double laneway lets you open everyone up quicker and really helps widen when needed. I won't give it up!"
- Keith H, Operator

Since the first season we received this style of blower, it turned rookies into pro-operators. Production increased by 45% on elite operators. Game Changer.
- Bruce Beaudry, Manager, Appleseed East/ Metro Snow East

“I’ve made something that will change the residential snow business” were the words out of Jim MacKenzie’s mouth. “I first started off as a snow blowing operator with an older style blower that had a back blade, which always left a mess! As a driver, that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Shortly into the season, we started using the new Cyclone Blower. I used to clean only 170 driveways in 5 hours, but since I got the Cyclone, I am able to do 190+ in approximately 3 hours. Having a machine that has expandable wings, an easy control system and accurate, controllable chute, helps do a quick, but efficient job. As it turns out, Jim DID produce something that will change the industry!”
- Kyle J, Operator

Metro Snow and Ice Management has used 9 Cyclones blowers over the past 2 winter seasons. Both myself and my drivers have found them efficient, easier to use and have delivered the best results of any blower we've ever used. Its technology leaves little to no snow when lifted, reducing both complaints and time spent clearing during storms. With 12,000 snow clients we need only the best equipment and Cyclone seems to deliver just that. We've ordered another 10 this season!
- Ken Dale, CEO Metro Snow and Ice Management

“We have used your company for the past several years, we never had any real complaints, I have always been intrigued watching how different companies keep up with the times and equipment in a seemingly cut-throat industry. My wife and I were blown away with what we assume is a new addition to the fleet – the snow blower that our driver has been using this year is like no other. It seems the driver is faster (meaning able to get to my house sooner) and more efficient. He’s cleaning noticeably closer to my garage and placing the snow precisely where we ask. Great upgrade!”
- Mr. McLeod, Kanata, ON, Snow blowing client

"The Cyclone snow blower is great! It can move a lot of snow in a hurry, and it's efficient with the wings. It uses less fuel because lane ways can be cleared in fewer passes. Overall, I like this blower a lot because it is very easy to run and keep the snowy mess off the roads. Also, I find this machine has better visibility compared to other snow blowers, which allows the operator to get very close to garage doors."
- Adrian W, Operator