• Gamme Gv

New line of commercial snowblowers with large diameter ribbon spiked auger. This feature makes it easy to grind hardened snow and ice, increasing efficiency and blowing capacity as compared to traditional ribbon auger snowblowers. The auger drive chain being enclosed will be protected from debris, water and ice, making for smoother and quieter operation, requiring less maintenance and prolonged durability.

  • Semi-industrial chute with greasable hinges and access panel (removable).
  • Hydraulic cylinder and hose support for deflector adjustment.
  • Chute rotation kit for hydraulic motor (motor included).
  • PTO T80.
  • High quality steel scraper blade, reversible.
  • Quick adjust skid shoes, high quality steel.
  • Hydraulic motor for rotary drum rotation on TRC models (with rotary drum).
  • Large diameter auger, double ribbonned and serrated.
  •  Drive chain protected by semi-sealed guard.
  • Pronovost Red color.
Models Working width HP recommended Compare
P-98134-GV / P-98134TRC-GV 98" / 2489 mm 90 to 125 HP Add to compare
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